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Washing Machine Electric Closure Door Fagor, Edesa, Aspes L39A004I8

Manufacturer: KencoBarcode: 3251430665292Product Code: BNTL39A004I8

Electric Closure Door Washing Machine Fagor, Edesa, Aspes L39A004I8

  • OPN: BNTL39A004I8
  • Pack of 1

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Fit to Models:

  • 100EL, 1010DIGIT, 1140 CM, 1140/1 CM, 1210DIGIT, 1F-1148I, 1F-1148IN, 1F-1148IT, 1F-1158DOMO P, 1F-1158P, 1F-206, 1F-2200P, 1F-2607, 1F-2609, 1F-2609LX, 1F-2609P, 1F-2609PN, 1F-2611, 1F-2611P, 1F-3609, 1F-3609IT, 1F-3609LA, 1F-3611, 1F-3611 I, 1F-3611 IN, 1F-3611IT, 1F-3611X, 1F-3613, 1F-3613X, 1F-51, 1F-53, 1F-538P, 1F-538PN, 1F-948P, 1F-948PN, 1FE-1017, 1FE-1027, 1FE-1047, 1FE-1047S, 1FE-1217, 1FE-1247E, 1FE-1347, 1FE-1347S, 1FE-207, 1FE-209, 1FE-211, 1FE-41, 1FE-417, 1FE-43, 1FE-53, 1FE-537, 1FE-537S, 1FE-73, 1FE-73 CKD, 1FE-837, 1FE-837S, 1FE-84, 1FE-94, 1FE-94 CKD, 1FG-1427, 1FG-2612, 1FG-2614, 1FG-7214, 1L-104, 1L-1046, 1L-104I, 1L-104IT, 1L-104S, 1L-1050G, 1L-114S, 1L-124, 1L-1609I, 1L-1611I, 1L-2086, 1L-2086LX, 1L-209R, 1L-2106, 1L-211R, 1L-270R, 1L-272R, 1L-3126, 1L-4090F, 1L-41, 1L-43, 1L-509G, 1L-51, 1L-511G, 1L-53, 1L-532D, 1L-63, 1L-7090D, 1L-7110D, 1L-7310D, 1L-732D, 1L-84, 1L-846, 1L-84LX, 1L-860G, 1LA-143, 1LA-243, 1LM-35, 1LP-104S, 1LP-114S, 1LP-53, 1LP-53N, 1LP-84, 1LP-84N, 1LS-15, 1LS-35, 1LS-4106, 1LS-410P, 1LS-48, 1LS-486, 1LW-116, 1LW-136, 1LW-96, 1ML-170
  • 2F-107, 2F-107 CKD, 2F-209, 2F-209 CKD, 2F-211, 2F-211 CKD, 2F-2607, 2F-2609, 2F-2609LX, 2F-2609P, 2F-2609PN, 2F-2611, 2F-2613, 2F-311, 2F-3609, 2F-3609 CKD, 2F-3609IT, 2F-3609X, 2F-3610IT, 2F-3611, 2F-3611 I, 2F-3611 IN, 2F-3611IT, 2F-3611P, 2F-3611X, 2F-3613, 2F-3613IT, 2F-3613X, 2FF-3611, 2FF-3613, 2FS-3610IT, 2FS-3611IT, 2FU-311, 2FU-3611IT, 2FU-3613, 2FU-3613LX, 2FU-3613X, 2L-104I, 2L-104IT
  • AS-51 CKD
  • BA140, BADIMA, BASIC-L1016, BASIC-L1017, BTWM4, BTWM5, BTWM6, BW325SL, BW325W, BWD1100W, BWD12.1, BWD6421, BWDW325W, BWF1106SS, BWF164T, BWF170T, BWF171T, BWF172I, BWF172T, BWF174T, BWF3374, BWF372T, BWF374T, BWF506E, BWF508E, BWF510E, BWF6110E, BWF6212E, BWF7108E, BWF7110E, BWF7212E, BWF7214E, BWFARTS, BWW162I
  • CACH-L1016F, CDA, CI230SI, CI230WH, CI330CDA, CI330IN, CI340CDA, CI340IN, CI830SI, CI830WH, CI930, CI931IN, CL-11, CL-500, CL-510T, CL-700 EL, CL-850
  • D900, DANCE-L610, DEC LB-110, DFI-5F, DLZ413JE1, DLZ413JU1, DLZ491JE1, DLZ491JU1, DLZ614JE1, DLZ692JE1, DLZ692JU1, DLZ692JU2, DLZ693W, DLZ693WCH, DLZ714W, DREAMG-712
  • EF-438, EF-538, EF-948, EL-459, EL-460, EL-490, EL-549, EL-550, EL-556, EL-559, EL-849, EL-850, EL-904, EL-905, ELECTA6AA, EU-1041
  • F-100 WD, F-2009, F-2011, F-2013, F-2107, F-2109, F-2111, F-2113, F-2607, F-2609, F-2609LX, F-2609P, F-2609PN, F-2611, F-2611P, F-2612B, F-2710LX, F-3609, F-3609LA, F-3611, F-3611 I, F-3611 IN, F-3611IT, F-3611X, F-3612ITB, F-3613, F-3710IT, F-3712IT, F-3712P, F451E, F501T, F-6010, F-6012, F-610, F-610X, F-6212IT, F-710, F-7210, F-7210IT, F-7212, F-7212IT, F-7212P, F-7212X, F-7214, F901T, FA-1000, FA-516, FA-5162, FA-538, FA-5382, FA-600, FANTASY-620, FAS-3612, FAS-3612X, FAST- 40, FAST 40T, FAST 450T, FAST 45T, FAST 90, FAST-100 EL, FAST-50, FAST-500, FAST-80, FC-1008L/1, FCH-104, FCH-73, FCH-84, FCH-94, FE-1036E, FE-1047, FE-1047E, FE-1048, FF-850, FF-850LX, FF-95, FG-1005, FG-111, FG-1206, FG-1406, FG-1427, FG-2612, FG-2614, FG-2614X, FG-3611, FG-3613, FG-7214, FGB-160, FGB-162, FGB-170 / MO, FGB-170 / WR, FGB-1705 / MO, FGB-1705 /WR, FGB-172 /MO, FGB-172 /WR, FGB-172/MO, FGB-172/WR, FGB-1725, FGB-1725 /MO, FGB-1725 /WR, FGB-1725/MO, FGB-1725/WR, FGB-260, FGB-262, FGB-270, FGB-270 /MO, FGB-270 /WR, FGB-272 /MO, FGB-272 /WR, FGS-3612, FI-1750, FI-2950, FLP5000, FRESH-143, FRESH-243, FS-1148, FS-1148P, FS-3611, FS-3611IT, FS-3612, FS-3612IT, FS-3612X, FS-6212, FS-6212IT, FSCH3612, FSCH3612IT, FSE-6212, FSE-6212IT, FSE-6212LX, FU-1047, FU-1148IT, FU-2013, FU-311, FU-3611IT, FU-3613, FU-3613LX, FU-3613X, FU-6116IT, FU-6126, FU-6126LX, FU-6146, FU-6146IT, FU-6146X, FU-837, FUS-3611, FUS-3611IT, FUS-3611X, FUS-6116, FUS-6116IT, FUS-6116X, FWD612IT, FWM714IT
  • GHIBLI1000
  • HLWA-1100, HLWA-1300, HLWA-1300E, HOLLY-612, HOLLY-612 /MO, HOLLY-612 /WR, HOLLY-710, HOLLY-710 /MO, HOLLY-710 /WR, HOME-L5110, HOME-L6110, HOME-L6210, HOME-L7110, HOME-L7210, HOME-L7212, HOME-LI6210, HOME-LI7210, HOME-LI7212, HOME-LS6212, HOME-LSI6212
  • K1100CT, K430CT1, K430CT2, K-555, K630CT, K630CT1, K730CT, K-888 KELVINATOR, KENWOOD KWD63110, KWDI63113, KWI63113
  • L-1006, L-1015, L-1026, L-1036, L-1036LX, L-1036X, L-1041G, L-1042G, L-1060S, L-1136IT, L-1609I, L-1611I, L-192C, L-2066, L-2082F, L-2086, L-2086LX, L-2086X, L-209R, L-2106, L-2106X, L-2109R, L-211R, L-2261F/1, L-2281F/1, L-2311R, L-3082R, L-3116S, L-3126, L-4082P, L-4090F, L-411A, L-420, L-430T, L-4311F, L5, L-500, L-5082G, L-509G, L-5102G, L-5109G, L-5110P, L-511G, LK-53, LL-1020V, LL-115, LL-1156, LL-53, LL-73, LL-95, LL-956, LM-110, LM-35, LM-610, LM-68, LP-1036, LP-1036N, LP-2065, LP-2086, LP-2086N, LP-2096, LP-2096N, LP-3116S, LP-836, LPF-5200, LPF-5200 B11, LPF5200B11ARG, LPF-5300, LPF-5300 B11, LPF5300B11ARG, LPF-7300 B11, LPF7300B11ARG, LPR730, LPR735, LS-1136, LS-1136IT, LS-15, LS-35, LS-410P, LS-466, LS-48, LS-486, LS-51, LS-956, LSF-550B11, LSGE63AFETA2B, LU-4000, LU-4103, LU-4200, LU-7300, LVASE-F000, LVGE06AFETA2B, LW-110, LW-110 IS, LW-1148D, LW-116, LW-130, LW-136, LW-50, LW-70, LW-90, LW-96, LWA-53
  • METAL-L1026, METAL-LS1126, METAL-LS1226, ML-196, ML-316, ML-316X, MLD-116, MLD-116X, MLL-96, MLL-96LX, MRT-145, MRT-155, MRT-185, MWD3-3611, MWF3-1611, MWF3-2511, MWF3-2612, MWM600IN
  • OWD1164, OWD1164S
  • P6F-900E, P6F-900E P, P6FE-1100E, P6FE-1100E P, P6FE-700E, P6FE-700E P, P6FE-900E, P6FE-900E P, PBD-1064, PF-113 CKD, PF2-400, PF2-400 P, PF2-500, PF2-500 P, PF2-800, PF2-800 P, PF-400, PF-43 P, PF-500E P, PF-53 P, PF-700E P, PF-73 P, PF-83 CKD, PFD-1026, PFD-1027, PFD-104/CKD, PFD-104LX, PFD-1060, PFD-1066, PFD-1066E, PFD-1067, PFD-1077, PFD-1125, PFD-1126LX, PFD-113IP/CKD, PFD-113P CKD, PFD-1165, PFD-1226, PFD-1237, PFD-1260, PFD-1264/CKD, PFD-1266, PFD-1266E, PFD-1267 ETS, PFD-1277, PFD-1426ET, PFD-1437ET, PFD-1466, PFD-1466E, PFD-1467 ETS, PFD-1477, PFD-2060, PFD-2466S, PFD-3026, PFD-3027, PFD-3227, PFD-3427ET, PFD-73 P, PFD-83IP/CKD, PFD-84/CKD, PFD-93 P, PFD-93IP/CKD, PFD-93IPLX, PFD-93LX, PFD-93P/CKD, PFDA-113 P, PFDA-113IP, PFDA-113IP/CK, PFDA-133IP, PFDA-133IP/CK, PFDA-73 P, PFDA-93 P, PFE-104/CKD, PFE-1050/CKD, PFE-1060, PFE-1066
  • URBAN-LI6210, URBAN-LI7210, URBAN-LS1226, URBAN-LSI1246, URBAN-LSI6212, UWM-1046/1, UWM-536/1
  • VEF6116, VEF7115, VLF0615E, VLF0815E, VLF1006FK, VLF1015E, VLF1635, VLF2095, VLF2105, VLF2115, VLF2125, VLF255, VLF275, VLF4117, VLF505, VLF506, VLF508, VLF510, VLF5102, VLF512, VLF5122, VLF5125, VLF5127, VLF513, VLF5222, VLF5322, VLF606FK, VLF6102, VLF6104, VLF6112, VLF6120, VLF6122, VLF-6122 /MO, VLF-6122 /WR, VLF6124, VLF6125, VLF6135, VLF6140, VLF6142, VLF6142X, VLF6144, VLF6220, VLF6224, VLF64LS, VLF7002, VLF7012, VLF7112, VLF7112LX, VLF7122, VLF7122B, VLF7125, VLF7134B, VLF7135, VLF7140, VLF7142, VLF7144, VLF7144B, VLF7202, VLF7224B, VLF7240, VLF7244B, VLF7302, VLF7320, VLF7324B, VLF7340, VLF7344B, VMP505, VMP808
  • WA-1020, WA-1100, WA-1100 PKM, WA-1102, WA-1221, WA-1300, WA-1306, WA-3003J, WA-6125, WA-6126, WA-6127, WA-6128, WA-7013, WA-7310 1, WA-802, WA-8310 1, WA-8410A, WA-8413A, WBD1114K, WBD1114U, WBF1114K, WBF1114U, WBF1126K, WBF1250K, WD-1100, WD1200LUXNMSL, WD1200LUXNMWH, WD601, WD602, WD603, WD63110, WD63114, WDI1200NM, WDI2201, WDI2202, WDI62112, WDI63113, WDI63113CN, WDI63113HK, WEST - POINT, WF1000T, WF55T, WFA0515E, WFA0515F, WFA0605FK, WFA0606FK, WFA0615F, WFA0615F1, WFA0676E, WFA0676F, WFA0677E, WFA0835E, WFA0835F, WFA0876E, WFA0876F, WFA0877A, WFA0877E, WFA0905FK, WFA0906FK, WFA1035E, WFA1046F, WFA1047E, WFA1076A, WFA1076E, WFA1077A, WFA1077E, WFA1117F, WFA1216F, WFA1217F, WFA1246F, WFA1247E, WFA1247F, WFA1276E, WFA1276SH, WFA1316F, WFA1416F, WFA1417F, WFA1446F, WFA1447E, WFA1447F, WFA1456F
  • Condition: New
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