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Miele Washing Machine Concertina Hose WZL 9924430

Manufacturer: MieleBarcode: 4002515544822Product Code: MLE9924430

OPN: 9924430

Pack of 1

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Fit to Models

  • PWM300, PWM307, WCD120, WCD130, WCD160, WCD320, WCD330, WCD360, WCD660, WCD670, WCE320, WCE330, WCE660, WCE670, WCE679, WCE760, WCE770, WCF120, WCF130, WCF330, WCF370, WCG120, WCG125, WCG130, WCG135, WCG360, WCG370, WCG660, WCG670, WCH360, WCH370, WCI320, WCI330, WCI360, WCI620, WCI660, WCI670, WCI770, WCI860, WCI870, WCI960, WCJ670, WCK660, WCR760, WCR770, WCR860, WCR870, WCR871, WCR890, WCR891, WDB004, WDB005, WDB020, WDB030, WDB035, WDB036, WDB037, WDB038, WDB320, WDB330, WDD020, WDD021, WDD025, WDD030, WDD031, WDD035, WDD130, WDD131, WDD320, WDD330, WEB035, WED125, WED135, WED325, WED335, WED665, WED675, WEE335, WEE675, WEF365, WEF375, WEG135, WEG365, WEG375, WEG665, WEG675, WEH875, WEI335, WEI775, WEI865, WEI875, WEJ135, WER865, WER875, WKA110, WKB110, WKB120, WKB130, WKC130, WKD130, WKE130, WKF110, WKF111, WKF120, WKF121, WKF130, WKF131, WKF270, WKF301, WKF311, WKF322, WKF332, WKG120, WKG125, WKG130, WKH120, WKH121, WKH122, WKH130, WKH131, WKH132, WKH170, WKH270, WKH271, WKH272, WKJ130, WKJ131, WKK210, WKK230, WKL130, WKM130, WKM131, WKM132, WKR570, WKR571, WKR770, WKR771, WKR970, WKS570, WKS571, WMB120, WMB125, WMC120, WMF111, WMF120, WMF121, WMF140, WMF141, WMF820, WMG120, WMG820, WMG823, WMH120, WMH121, WMH122, WMH260, WMH261, WMH262, WMH721, WMH722, WML120, WML160, WMM121, WMM122, WMM160, WMM161, WMM162, WMR560, WMR561, WMR860, WMR861, WMR863, WMV960, WMV963, WMX127, WSD123, WSD323, WSD363, WSD663, WSF363, WSG363, WSG663, WSI862, WSI863, WSR863, WWB020, WWD120, WWD129, WWD160, WWD320, WWD360, WWD660, WWE320, WWE360, WWE620, WWE660, WWE668, WWE760, WWE767, WWE860, WWF060, WWF120, WWF360, WWG120, WWG360, WWG660, WWG661, WWG669, WWG760, WWH660, WWH860, WWI320, WWI660, WWI760, WWI860, WWI861, WWR760, WWR860, WWR861, WWR880, WWV980, WWV981, WXD160, WXF660, WXI860, WXR860
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.34kg
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