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Miele Steam Oven Flexiclip Runner Perfect Clean 6949330

Manufacturer: MieleBarcode: 4002514283043Product Code: MLE6949330

OPN: 6949330

1 Pack of 2 (pair)

Optional Extra Accessory

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Fit to Model:

  • DGC4084XL, DGC4086XL, DGC5070XL, DGC5080XL, DGC5085XL, DGC5090-60, DGC5095-60, H4700E, H4710B, H4710E, H4712B, H4712E, H4713E, H4714E, H4719B, H4800B, H4800E, H4810B, H4810E, H4813E, H4814E, H4819B, H5040-60B, H5040B, H5040BP, H5041B, H5041BP, H5050B, H5051B, H5060B, H5061B, H5081B, H5081BP, H5140B, H5140BP, H5140E, H5140EP, H5141B, H5141BP, H5141E, H5141EP, H5142B, H5142E, H5143E, H5144B, H5144BP, H5144E, H5145BP, H5145BP L, H5145BP R, H5146B, H5146E, H5147B, H5147BP, H5147E, H5240-55B, H5240-55E, H5240-60B, H5240-60BP, H5240-60E, H5240B, H5240BP, H5240E, H5240EP, H5241-55B, H5241-60B, H5241-60BP, H5241B, H5241BP, H5241E, H5241EP, H5242B, H5242E, H5244B, H5244B L, H5244B R, H5245B, H5245B L, H5245B R, H5245BP, H5245BP L, H5245BP R, H5247B, H5247BP, H5247BP L, H5247BP R, H5360B, H5361B, H5361BP, H5361E, H5361EP, H5460-55B, H5460-60B, H5460B, H5460B L, H5460B R, H5460BP, H5461-55E, H5461-60E, H5461B, H5461B L, H5461B R, H5461BP, H5461E, H5461EP, H5581BP, H5681-55B, H5681-60BP, H5681B, H5681B L, H5681B R, H5681BP, H5681BP L, H5681BP R, H5688BP
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 1.61kg
  • Width: 6.58cm
  • Height: 1.72cm
  • Depth: 0.76cm
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