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Miele Dishwasher Strip 4858310

Manufacturer: MieleBarcode: 4002513795264Product Code: MLE4858310

OPN: 4858310

Pack of 1

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Fit to Model:

  • G1020, G1021, G1022, G1023, G1040, G1042, G1043, G1120, G1130, G1140, G1142, G1143, G1150, G1152, G1200, G1220, G1222, G1224, G1225, G1230, G1232, G1233, G1235, G1242, G1243, G1244, G1245, G1252, G1255, G1293, G1297, G1320, G1330, G1343, G1344, G1355, G1420, G1422, G1430, G1432, G1442, G1520, G1530, G1532, G1534, G1552, G1554, G1630, G1730, G1732, G1734, G1830, G1832, G1833, G1834, G2020, G2022, G2023, G2040, G2042, G2120, G2130, G2140, G2141, G2142, G2143, G2150, G2152, G2220, G2222, G2224, G2225, G2230, G2232, G2235, G2242, G2243, G2245, G2297, G2330, G2343, G2355, G2420, G2422, G2430, G2432, G2442, G2520, G2530, G2532, G2534, G2552, G2554, G2630, G2730, G2732, G2734, G2830, G2832, G2833, G2834, G4100, G4101, G4105, G4202, G4203, G4205, G4210, G4212, G4215, G4217, G4220, G4222, G4225, G4227, G4228, G4300, G4301, G4302, G4305, G4308, G4310, G4410, G4415, G4420, G4430, G4435, G4910, G4911, G4912, G4913, G4914, G4915, G4920, G4922, G4925, G4926, G4930, G4932, G4935, G4937, G4940, G4943, G4945, G4948, G4949, G4952, G4953, G4954, G4957, G5040, G5100, G5105, G5140, G5141, G5146, G5200, G5205, G5220, G5225, G5240, G5300, G5301, G5305, G5306, G5320, G5325, G5400, G5405, G5420, G5425, G5500, G5505, G5510, G5515, G5520, G5525, G5530, G5535, G5600, G5605, G5610, G5620, G5625, G5630, G5635, G5650, G5655, G5700, G5705, G5715, G5720, G5725, G5730, G5735, G5815, G5830, G5835, G5910, G5915, G5930, G5935, G6000, G6005, G6100, G6105, G6130, G6200, G6202, G6205, G6230, G6300, G6305, G6310, G6315, G6330, G6335, G6410, G6415, G6500, G6505, G6510, G6512, G6515, G6517, G6620, G6625, G6630, G6635, G6640, G6700, G6705, G6720, G6722, G6725, G6727, G6730, G6735, G6745, G6820, G6821, G6825, G6827, G6835, G6840, G6845, G6900, G6905, G6915, G6920, G6921, G6925, G6927, G6935, PG8080, PG8081, PG8082SCI, PG8110, PG8120, PG8130, PG8131, PG8132
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.28kg
  • Width: 79cm
  • Height: 6.5cm
  • Depth: 2.5cm
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