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Miele Dishwasher Spacer 4035100

Manufacturer: MieleBarcode: 4002511877405Product Code: MLE4035100

OPN: 4035100

Pack of 1

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Fit to Model:

  • G636PLUS, G638PLUS, G640, G640PLUS, G641, G641PLUS, G644, G645PLUS, G646, G646PLUS, G646PLUS3, G647PLUS, G647PLUS3, G648, G648PLUS, G651, G651PLUS, G651PLUS3, G656, G656PLUS, G656PLUS3, G660, G661, G662, G664, G665, G666, G667, G668, G669, G670, G671, G672, G674, G675, G676, G677, G678, G680, G681, G681PLUS, G681PLUS3, G682, G683, G683PLUS, G684PLUS3, G685, G686, G686PLUS, G686PLUS3, G687, G688, G690, G691, G691PLUS, G692PLUS, G692PLUS3, G693PLUS4, G694PLUS, G694PLUS3, G696PLUS, G696PLUS3, G698PLUS, G698PLUS3, G765, G767, G770, G772, G775, G780, G785, G787, G841, G841PLUS, G842PLUS, G845PLUS, G846, G846PLUS, G846PLUS3, G847PLUS, G848, G848PLUS, G850PLUS, G850PLUS3, G851, G851PLUS, G851PLUS3, G856, G856PLUS, G856PLUS3, G857, G857PLUS, G857PLUS3, G860, G865, G866, G867, G868, G869, G870, G875, G876, G877, G880, G881, G881PLUS, G881PLUS3, G882, G884, G884PLUS, G884PLUS3, G885, G886, G887, G890, G891, G892 PLUS, G892PLUS, G892PLUS3, G893PLUS4, G894PLUS, G894PLUS3, G896PLUS, G896PLUS3, G898PLUS, G898PLUS3, G975, GSI8265-2, GSI8265-2BS, GSI8266-2, GSI8267-2BS, GSI8466-2BSXXL
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.26kg
  • Width: 68.1cm
  • Height: 18.7cm
  • Depth: 3cm
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