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Miele Dishwasher Funnel 2452311

Manufacturer: MieleBarcode: 4002511545755Product Code: MLE2452311

OPN: 2452311

Pack of 1

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Fit to Model:

  • G1102, G1162, G1202, G1262, G1502, G1562, G305, G307, G310, G316, G325, G327, G330, G3305, G3305 SCHE, G3325, G3365, G3385, G346, G346PLUS, G349, G349PLUS, G3505, G3525, G356, G3565, G356PLUS, G356PLUS3, G3585, G375, G381, G391, G394PLUS3, G396PLUS, G396PLUS3, G398PLUS, G398PLUS3, G450, G4500, G4501, G450I, G450SC, G450U, G4510, G452I, G452SC, G455, G455I, G455SC, G455U, G4570, G4580, G460, G4600, G460I, G460SC, G460U, G4620, G465I, G465SC, G4670, G4680, G470, G4700, G470I, G470SC, G470SCI, G470U, G4720, G4722, G472I, G472SC, G4760, G4780, G4782, G4800, G4820, G4860, G4880, G570, G570I, G570SC, G570U, G572, G572I, G572SC, G572U, G574I, G575, G575I, G575SC, G575U, G576I, G577, G577I, G577SC, G577U, G579, G579I, G579SC, G579U, G580, G580I, G580SC, G580U, G582, G582I, G582SC, G582SCI, G582U, G586SC, G588, G590, G590I, G590SC, G590U, G591, G591I, G591SC, G591U, G592I, G593, G593I, G593SC, G593SCI, G593U, G594I, G594SC, G595, G595I, G595SC, G595U, G598SC, G600, G601, G601PLUS, G602, G603PLUS, G603VI, G604, G604PLUS, G605, G605SCI, G606PLUS, G607, G611, G611PLUS, G611PLUS3, G614, G614PLUS, G614PLUS3, G615, G617, G618PLUS, G618PLUS3, G618VI, G619VI, G620, G621, G621PLUS, G621PLUS3, G622, G624, G624PLUS, G624PLUS3, G632PLUS, G632PLUS3, G634PLUS, G636PLUS, G637, G638PLUS, G639PLUS, G640, G640PLUS, G641, G641PLUS, G643, G643PLUS, G643VI, G644, G644PLUS, G645, G645PLUS, G646, G646PLUS, G646PLUS3, G647, G647PLUS, G647PLUS3, G648, G648PLUS, G649, G650PLUS, G650PLUS3, G651, G651PLUS, G651PLUS3, G652, G653, G653PLUS, G653PLUS3, G654PLUS, G656, G656PLUS, G656PLUS3, G657, G657PLUS, G657PLUS3, G658, G658PLUS, G658PLUS3, G660, G660I, G660SCI, G661, G662, G663, G663PLUS, G663PLUS3, G663VI, G664, G665, G665I, G665SCI, G666, G666I, G667, G668, G669, G670, G671, G672, G673VI, G674, G675, G676, G677, G678, G679VI, G680, G680I, G680SCI, G681, G681PLUS, G681PLUS3, G682, G683, G683PLUS, G684, G684PLUS, G684PLUS3, G685, G686, G686PLUS, G686PLUS3, G687, G688, G689PLUS, G690, G691, G692PLUS, G692PLUS3, G693PLUS4, G694PLUS, G694PLUS3, G696PLUS, G696PLUS3, G698PLUS, G698PLUS3, G765, G767, G770, G772, G775, G7750, G780, G785, G7855, G7856, G7857TD, G7859, G7860, G787, G803PLUS, G803VI, G804PLUS, G805, G8050, G8050U, G8051, G805SCI, G8066, G806PLUS, G807, G8072, G811, G811PLUS, G811PLUS3, G814, G818PLUS, G818PLUS3, G818VI, G819VI, G821, G821PLUS, G821PLUS3, G822, G832PLUS, G832PLUS3, G841, G841PLUS, G842PLUS, G843PLUS, G843VI, G845PLUS, G846, G846PLUS, G846PLUS3, G847PLUS, G848, G848PLUS, G850PLUS, G850PLUS3, G851, G851PLUS, G851PLUS3, G853PLUS, G853PLUS3, G853VI, G854PLUS, G856, G856PLUS, G856PLUS3, G857, G857PLUS, G857PLUS3, G858PLUS, G858PLUS3, G858VI, G860, G863PLUS, G863PLUS3, G863VI, G865, G865I, G865SCI, G866, G866SCI, G867, G868, G869, G870, G873VI, G875, G876, G877, G879VI, G880, G880I, G880SCI, G881, G881PLUS, G881PLUS3, G882, G884, G884PLUS, G884PLUS3, G885, G886, G887, G890, G891, G892 PLUS, G892PLUS, G892PLUS3, G893PLUS4, G894PLUS, G894PLUS3, G896PLUS, G896PLUS3, G898PLUS, G898PLUS3, G975, GS045BKi, GS045BKi/B, GS045BKi/NL, GS045BKi/UK, GS065i, GS068BKi, GS068BKi/NL, GS068i, GS070BKi, GS4047BKi, GS4067BKi, GS4067BKi/UK, GS4067i, GS4611BKi, GS467BKi, GS467i, GSI8246-2BS, GSI8246-3BS, GSI8246-4BS, GSI8264-3, GSI8264-3BS, GSI8265, GSI8265-2, GSI8265-2BS, GSI8265-3, GSI8265-3BS, GSI8265-4, GSI8265BS, GSI8266, GSI8266-2, GSI8266-3BS, GSI8266-4BS, GSI8266BS, GSI8267-2BS, GSI8267BS, GSI8446(BS), GSI8465-3BSXXL, GSI8466(BS), GSI8466-1BS, GSI8466-2BSXXL, GSI8467(BS), GSI8467-3BSXXL, GSVI8245-3BS, GSVI8264-3BS, GSVI8265-2BS, GSVI8265-3BS, GSVI8265-4BS, GSVi8265BS, GSVI8445-3BSXXL, GSVI8464-3XXL, GSVI8465-2BSXXL, GSVI8465-3BSXXL, GSVI8465-4BSXXL, GSVI8467-4BSXXL, PG8052
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.07kg
  • Width: 25cm
  • Height: 35cm
  • Depth: 1.2cm
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