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Electrolux Main Oven Door Top Trim Cover - 3877251201

Manufacturer: ElectroluxBarcode: 7321421515311Product Code: LUX3877251201

OPN: 3877251201

Pack of 1

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Fit to Model:

  • EKC603600K, EKC603600W, EKC603601X, EKC603602X, EKC607601W, EKC607601X, EKC6461AEW, EKC6461AOK, EKC6461AOW, EKC6461AOX, EKC6562AOX, EKC6761AOX, EKC6762AOW, EKG603202K, EKG603202W, EKG603202X, EKG6120AOK, EKG6120AOW, EKG6120AOX, EKG6121AOK, EKG6121AOW, EKG6121AOX, EKI6761AEW, EKI6762AOX, EKI6764AOX
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 1.3kg
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