Miele MB-CM Milk Container For Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Manufacturer: MieleProduct Code: 10859920

OPN: 10859920

related OPN: 7953690

Pack of 1

For Miele Automatic Machine CM Series

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Product Description:

The stainless steel milk container for the Miele coffee machine CM series keeps the milk fresh and cool for longer.
Cool milk is an important prerequisite for producing a fine-pored, creamy and firm milk froth.
The stainless steel milk container from Miele can be easily connected to all Miele CM series coffee machines.

Fit to Models:

CM 5000 CM5000
CM 5100 CM5100
CM 5200 CM5200
CM 5200 CM5200 SilverEdition
CM 5300 CM5300
CM 5400 CM5400
CM 5500 CM5500
CM 6100 CM6100
CM 6110 CM6110
CM 6150 CM6150
CM 6300 CM6300
CM 6310 CM6310
CM 6350 CM6350
CM 7300 CM7300
CM 7350 CM7350
CM 7500 CM7500
CM 7550 CM7550
CM 7750 CM7750


  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.581kg
  • Width: 2.1cm
  • Height: 1.02cm
  • Depth: 1.12cm
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