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Hotpoint Creda Washing Machine Door Bowl Retainer (10 pack)

Barcode:Product Code: DR33-10PACK

Pack of 10

Part Number: DR33

OPN: C00095635


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Fit to Models:

Tumble Dryers

  • 9312A, 9312W, 9315A, 9315W, 9316A, 9316P, 9316W, 9316W1, 9317A, 9317P, 9317PE, 9317W, 9317W1, 9318A, 9318P, 9318PE, 9318W, 9325A, 9325P, 9325PE, 9325W, 9325WE, 9326A, 9326P, 9326PE, 9326W, 9326W1, 9327A, 9327P, 9327PE, 9327W, 9335A, 9335P, 9335PE, 9335W, 9336A, 9336P, 9336PE, 9336W, 9336W1, 9339A, 9339P, 9339PE, 9339W, 9345A, 9345P, 9345PE, 9345W, 9370W, 9371P, 9371W, 9372W, 9372W1, 9373P, 9374W, 9375P, 9385B, 9385P, J501VW, TL11P, TL11W, TL12P, TL22P, TL51P, TL52P

Washer Dryers

  • 47305, 47306, 6240B, 6240P, 9912P, 9912W, 9916P, 9916W, 9925A, 9925P, 9925W, 9926A, 9926P, 9926W, 9928A, 9928P, 9928W, 9935A, 9935P, 9935W, 9936A, 9936P, 9936W, 9938A, 9938P, 9938W, 9945A, 9945P, 9945W, 9946A, 9946P, 9946W, 9949A, 9949P, 9949W, 9970A, 9970W, 9971A, 9971W, 9972A, 9972P, 9972W, 9985B, 9985P, 9986B, 9986P, 9989B, 9989P, BW61B, BW61P, WD21P, WD22A, WD23A, WD23P, WD23W, WD31A, WD31P, WD31W, WD32A, WD32P, WD51P, WD52P

Washing Machine

  • 17043E, 17044E, 17047E, 17049, 47307, 47308, 9506W, 9515A, 9515W, 9516A, 9516P, 9516W, 9517P, 9517W, 9518P, 9518W, 9525A, 9525W, 9525WE, 9526A, 9526P, 9526W, 9527A, 9527P, 9527W, 9528A, 9528P, 9528W, 9529A, 9529P, 9529W, 9535A, 9535P, 9535W, 9536A, 9536P, 9536W, 9537A, 9537P, 9537W, 9538A, 9538P, 9538PE, 9538PF, 9538W, 9539A, 9539P, 9539W, 9545A, 9545P, 9545PE, 9545W, 9546A, 9546P, 9546W, 9549A, 9549P, 9549W, 9555A, 9555P, 9555W, 9556A, 9556P, 9556W, 9566A, 9566P, 9566PE, 9566W, 9567A, 9567P, 9567PE, 9567W, 9572W, 9573W, 9574P, 9574W, 9575W, 9576W, 9577A, 9577P, 9577W, 9578P, 9585B, 9585P, 9586B, 9586P, 9770P, 9773P, 9774P, 9775A, 9775W, 9776A, 9776P, 9777P, WM11P, WM51A, WM51P, WM51W, WM52A, WM52P, WM53P, WM54P, WM55P, WM56P


Aspes SA53, SA53E

Bluesky BLF1020

Bomann TR977A

Brother TL52PI

Clatronic 37711


  • 17043E, 17044E, 17047E, 17049, 47305, 47306, 47307, 47308, T400VW

Crusader CT50V, CT51V

Edesa 37594, 37595, 37606, 37607, 9336PS

Elto 476, 498R


  • 1051A, 1051P, 1051W, 1151A, 1151P, 1151W


  • 9325PG, 9326PG, 9327PG, 9336PG, 9339PG, 9535PG, 9538PG, 9545PG, 9935PG, RDE5002TWW, WM10PM, WWA7300, WWA7500, WWA7503, WWH5502TWW, WWH6502TWW, WWH7302, WWH7502, WWH7503
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.25kg
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