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Hinge for Door of Washing Machine Fagor 180 C.O

Manufacturer: Kenco
Product Code : 19FG08
Barcode : 5053197023234
Condition : New
In stock
£12.99 £11.75

Fit to Model:

F2607, F2609, F3611, FF309. C.O. L79E001A5. 52X0100 ASPES, BRANDT, EDESA, MASTERCOOK. EDESA: L-860 D, 2L-532D, L-2106X, L860D, 9052718874L51, L3126, L-660G, LS-486, L-1006, L660G905271850, L-2086, L-2106, L2086LX905271725, 4L51905271887, L-2086LX, LID-84, 905271850L660G, L660, 4L-104, 905271725L2086LX, 1L-532D, 2L532D905272476, 9052724762L532D, L660G, 4L-956, L2086LX, L1006, L1017, 9052722524L104, 905271814LS466, L2066, L2106, 4L51, 4L53, 4L-51, 4L-53. ASPES: LA110, 905020364LA108, LA108905020364, ALF1106, LA 106, ALF 1106, ALF 7010, ALF106, ALF108. FAGOR: 1F2611, FS3611, L-7090D, L4090F905011775, 1F-2607, 1F-2609, LFB80905012104, 1F- 2611, 905011631F3611, 905011775L4090F, 1F3609, 1F-3611X, 1F2609LX, MLL96905012140, 1F-3611, 1F-3613, LFA-1080, LFA1080905012097, MLL-96, 905012140MLL96, F-2609, F-2611, LFB- 100, 1F2609905011486, L7070D905011757, F3611905011631, 905012097LFA1080, 9050114861F2609, F-3609, F-3611, LFB-80, 905011196FS1148, FS-1148, 905011766L7090D, F-2609=905011579, 905012104LFB80, L7070D, 1F-51, GAMA INNOVA, FS1148905011196, F2107, F2109, F2111, F-2609LX=905011604, F-3611X, F2609, L7090D905011766, L-1609I, F3611, FS2611, F-2609LX, FS-3611, L-4090F, F-2607=905011588, LFA1080.

Product Code19FG08
MPN CodeL79E001A5

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