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Electrolux Oven Door Hinge 3870770025

Manufacturer: Electrolux
Product Code : LUX3870770025
Barcode : 7321429700603
Condition : New
In stock

Fits the models:

  • EHK1-3SW, EHK1-3WE, EHK1-4 SW, EHK1-4 WS, EHK1-4 WS 230V, EHK1-4-230V WE, EHK1-4-400V SW, EHK1-4-400V WE, EHK1-4SW, EHK1-4WE, EHK2-2 WS, EHK2-3 SW, EHK2-3 WS, EHK2-4 BR, EHK2-4 SW, EHK2-4 WS, EHL20-4 CN, EHL20-4 SW, EHL20-4 WS, EHL2-3 BR, EHL2-3 WS, EHL2-4 BR, EHL2-4 CN, EHL2-4 SW, EHL2-4 WS, EHL2X-4 SW, EHL2X-4 WS, EHL40-4 CN, EHL40-4 SW, EHL40-4 WS, EHL40X-4 CN, EHL40X-4 SW, EHL40X-4 WS, EHL4-4 CN, EHL4-4 SW, EHL4-4 WS, EHL4X-4 CN, EHL4X-4 SW, EHL4X-4 WS, EHSL6 CN, EHSL6 SW/SP, EHSL6 WS, EHSL60-4 CN, EHSL60-4 SP, EHSL60-4 WS, EI24EW15KS, EOB20001W EU ENV0, EOB20001X EU AFIPRI, EOB20001X EU ENV0, EOB22000W, EOB22000W EU ENV0, EOB22000X, EOB22000X EU AFIPRI, EOB22000X EU ENV0, EOB30000W EU ENV0, EOB30000X EU AFIPRI, EOB30000X EU ENV0, EOB31001W EU ENV0, EOB31001X EU AFIPRI, EOB31001X SEA/CHINA, EOB42100W, EOB42100W EU ENV06, EOB42100X, EOB42100X EU AFIPRI, EOB42100X EU ENV06, EOB43000X, EOB43000X EU AFIPRI, EOB43000X EU ENV06, EOB43100X, EOB43100X EU AFIPRI, EOB43100X EU ENV06, EOB43100X EU R08 AF, EOB43100X SEA/CHINA, EOB43140X NL ENV06, EOB43140X NL R08 AF, EOB4630K EU R05, EOB4630X EU R05, EOB50100X EU AFIPRI, EOB50100X EU ENV06, EOB52100W, EOB52100W EU ENV06, EOB52100X, EOB52100X EU AFIPRI, EOB52100X EU ENV06, EOB53000W, EOB53000W EU ENV06, EOB53000X, EOB53000X EU AFIPRI, EOB53000X EU ENV06, EOB53000X SEA/CHINA, EOB54000X EU, EOB5625W NORDIC R05, EOB5625X NORDIC R05, EOB5627K NORDIC R05, EOB5627S NORDIC R05, EOB5627W NORDIC R05, EOB5627X NORDIC R05, EOB5647K NORDIC R05, EOB5647W NORDIC R05, EOB5647X NORDIC R05, EOB5660R EU R05, EOB5665R R05 ELUX I, EOB63000W, EOB63000W UK ENV06, EOB63000W UK ENV06, EOB63000X, EOB63000X UK ENV06, EOB63000X UK AFIPRI, EOB63000X UK AFIPRI, EOB63000X UK ENV06, EOB63003X, EOB63100K, EOB63100K UK ENV06, EOB63100K UK ENV06, EOB63100X, EOB63100X UK AFIPRI, EOB63100X UK ENV06, EOB63100X EU AFIPRI, EOB63100X EU ENV06, EOB63100X EU R08 AF, EOB63100X IT AFIPRI, EOB63100X IT ENV R08, EOB63100X IT ENV06
Product CodeLUX3870770025
MPN Code3870770025

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