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Electrolux AEG Zanussi Main Oven Door Strip 3877255202

Manufacturer: ElectroluxBarcode: 7321421480725Product Code: LUX3877255202

OPN: 3877255202

Pack of 1


This is the thin bezel panel that fits across the width of your main oven door. If yours has become damaged or cracked, then leaks can spill in between the panels of your door glass.

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Fit to Model:

  • EKC4461AEW, EKG4210AOW, ZCV551MW, ZCV550MXC, ZCV550MNC, ZCV551MX, ZCG55WGB, ZCG55WGW, ZCG552GWC, ZCG552GNC, ZCG552GXC, ZCG55QGX, ZCG55QGW, ZCG551GXC, ZCG550GXC, ZCG551GWC, ZCG550GWC, ZCG551GNC, ZCG550GNC, ZCG43250XA, ZCG43250BA, ZCG43250WA, ZCG43050WA, ZCG43TC0XA, ZCG43TC0WA, ZCG43010WA, ZCG43010BA, ZCG43010XA, ZCG55QGX, ZCG43000WA, ZCG43000BA, ZCG43000XA, ZCG55WGB, ZCG55WGX, ZCG43210XA, ZCG43210WA, ZCG43210BA, ZCG43330WA, ZCG43330XA, ZCG43200BA, ZCG43200XA, ZCG43200WA, ZCG551GXC, ZCG551GXC, ZCG550GXC, ZCG551GWC, ZCG550GWC, ZCG551GNC, ZCG550GNC, ZCV554MW, ZCV551MWC, ZCV551MNC, ZCV553MWC, ZCV551MXC, ZCV552MWC, ZCV550MWC, ZCV550MSC, ZCV550MXC, ZCV550MNC, ZCV46250XA, ZCV46250BA, ZCV46250WA, ZCV46050WA, ZCV46200WA, ZCV46200BA, ZCV46200XA, ZCV460TCWA, ZCV460TCXA, ZCV46000WA, ZCV46000BA, ZCV46000XA, ZCV554MN, ZCV554MX, ZCV46330BA, ZCV46330WA, ZCV46330XA, ZCV48300WA, ZCV48300XA, ZCV48300BA, ZCV550MWC, ZCV550MXC, ZCV550MNC, ZCV551MX, ZCV551MW


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